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Time Out Card Exclusive: Free tickets to East London Comics and Arts Festival

We've got 100 weekend tickets to give away!

We're giving away 100 tickets exclusively to Time Out Cardholders to the East London Comics & Arts Festival! ELCAF is an annual three-day festival dedicated to showcasing the best in illustration, comics, sequential art and storytelling. One of the leading festivals of its kind in the UK, ELCAF invites a dynamic roster of international artists into their programme of talks, workshops and screenings. Each day sees a fresh series of events spotlighting world renowned creatives, including Jean Jullien, Adrian Tomine, Joelle Jolivet, Richard McGuire, Isabelle Greenberg and many more. Come and take part in workshops, buy books, pick up a print and chat to artists. This is not to be missed!

Please note, as tickets are limited, Cardholders are entitled to book no more than 2 each. If more than 2 are booked, ELCAF will cancel additional tickets at their discretion.
Book your tickets here and enter tocard when prompted for a 'coupon'